The Day War Came

Written by Nicola Davies
Illustrated by Rebecca Cobb

For all of those who think picture books are only about teddy bears and dancing cats and not wanting to eat spinach, here is The Day War Came. A picture book very much for our troubled times. It is the story of a little girl who loses everything and everyone the day that war comes to her town. One day she’s sitting at her desk in school, learning about volcanoes, and the next she is forced to flee her home. She is alone – her family is gone and there is a blackened hole where their house once stood. All alone, the little girl makes a harsh and dangerous journey to a strange country to find safety and start a new life. But when she finally arrives, she is still alone. Doors are shut on her, people turn away. No one welcomes her. Until another child does.

This is the story of one child, but it is also the story of thousands. In 2016 the government of the United Kingdom refused sanctuary to 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees. Children like the little girl in The Day War Came. This book, in part, is an answer to that act of unkindness. It is about all the children who lose their families and their homes because of wars they didn’t start and don’t understand. Children who are victims, not enemies. And who can’t be allowed to lose hope as well.


The Day War Came



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