More Than One Way to Be a Girl

You might not think so to look at them, but ZiZI Abruzzio and Loretta Reynolds are best friends. Not the sort of best friends who have everything in common except their parents. The other kind. They don’t like the same things, or dress the same way – and they definitely don’t think the same. Especially when it comes to what it means to being female. ZiZi is a girl who happens to be a person. Loretta is a person who happens to be a girl. ZiZi says that Loretta with her jeans and flannel shirts and mechanical abilities is a wannabe boy. Loretta says that ZiZi with her makeup and her dresses and her shopping is conforming to stereotypes of femininity. Which one of them is right? Each of them believes that she is. And then one day they decide to answer the question once and for all.

What does it mean to be a girl? To be a boy? Are girls born with a love of the colour pink and an innate knowledge of how to accessorize? Are they by nature not as good at repairing cars or putting out fires as a boy? Are boys programmed to be the thinkers, the writers, the painters and philosophers? Are girls worse athletes, better nurses, much more accomplished at cleaning toilets? Zizi thinks she knows the answers to all those questions; Loretta knows that she does. Can they both be right?

More Than One Way to Be a Girl

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