This Changes Everything
by Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein (author of No Logo and The Shock Doctrine) published This Changes Everything in 2014. It was embraced immediately by the already aware and worried – the people who regularly demonstrated with their ‘There Is No Planet B’ and ‘Trees Don’t Grow on Money’ placards. But its argument wasn’t splashed all over the media as if it was a royal wedding or birth, and I’m guessing that the general public were largely unaware of it.

Times have moved on (or caught up), and climate-change protests and awareness are now front-page news. Which, hopefully, means new readers for Ms Klein’s highly important if controversial book.

The thesis of This Changes Everything is simple enough. The problem, posits Ms Klein, is capitalism, whose addiction to profit and relentless growth are waging a war against life itself. Doing something about climate change and its effects – and its partners in crime, pollution, planetary degradation and species extinction – isn’t about changing lightbulbs or recycling. It’s about dismantling the system and starting again with a vision and a plan.

This Changes Everything is a thorough, well-researched and intelligent discussion of an issue we can no longer ignore. Even if you disagree with its premise, it’s guaranteed to make you think.


This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein



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