A Memoir of Childhood Reading
by Lucy Mangan

This isn’t a work of fiction, it’s a work about fiction. About its power, its importance and its joys. Lucy Mangan was born a bookworm, and, as she says, if you’re a bookworm ‘life doesn’t really begin until you get hold of your first book’. In Lucy’s case this first book (or the first she remembers) was The Very Hungry Caterpillars. And thus began a love affair with books.

Bookworm  is a chronicle of growing up and a of the books that helped that growing up – starting with a caterpillar that is very hungry, through Meg and Mog, My Naughty Little Sister, The Worst Witch, the books of Dahl, Blyton, Twain and Blume, and so many more. These are the books that taught one child (and possibly a few more) that there is more to the world than you and your family. That the way things are where you live aren’t the way they have always been or the way they have to be – or the way they are everywhere. It is also a reminder of what it was like when you were a child and so immersed in a book that you only left your room to do the things you absolutely had to do. Causing a lot of sighing and eye-rolling among your parents; and causing your sister to tell people she was virtually an only child.

And, as it says on the jacket, it’s ‘a love-letter to children’s books’. They certainly deserve it.


A Memoir of Childhood Reading


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