Am I Normal Yet?

by Holly Bourne

Evie wants to be normal. She’s had three years of not being normal. Of feeling like a freak, and a loser, and a burden. Of being bat-shit-crazy. But now she’s in recovery – thanks to her vigilant family, her therapist and the wonders of modern medication. Now  she gets to start all over. To go to college like any ordinary sixteen-year-old. To make new friends who won’t dump her because she’s annoying or weird. To have a boyfriend, or at least a kiss. To go to parties and have fun. To be able to leave the house without washing her hands so much that they bleed. To be able to stay at someone’s house because she isn’t worried that the sheets aren’t clean enough. To be able to touch another person without freaking out about germs.

And her new life starts out promisingly enough. She becomes friends with two feisty feminists, Amber and Lottie. She starts to date.  She gets a serious crush. But the crucial thing about her new life is that no one can know about her old life. About what she’s really like. Especially not when the relapse begins…

Who says feminists can’t be funny? Or, for that matter, that a very serious book about a very serious subject, can’t be funny, too?  Anyone who thinks that obviously hasn’t read Am I Normal Yet? Come meet Evie, as she learns about how the world works, how she works and a lot about boys. Evie is definitely a heroine for our times.


Am I Normal Yet?